Internal regime

  1. To access the Camping, the presentation of your DNI or Passport is MANDATORY.
  2. The installation of tents, caravans, vehicles or any other elements of the client’s property may only be located in the place that the receptionist has indicated, otherwise, they will be moved to another suitable area.
  3. The maximum speed allowed in the Camping is 10km/hour.
  4. From 24 hours to 8 hours, access and circulation of vehicles within the campsite is prohibited.
  5. Within the camping grounds, pets must remain on a leash, under the supervision of an adult and, if necessary, with a muzzle. The entry of authorized animals to closed areas where meals are issued, to toilets, swimming pools and to the rooms or plots of other campers is prohibited.
  6. The total electrical connection supplied to caravans, motorhomes and tents will not exceed 6 A.
  7. The connection cable will be provided by the camper, so it will be his responsibility to ensure its condition, and it must be optimal, guaranteeing safety (hose type, with a ground connection and will be provided with an appropriate plug). Only those responsible for the Camping will be able to manipulate the connection boxes.
  8. It is an obligation for campers:
    1. Submit to the prescriptions of the Establishment Management, aimed at maintaining order and good coexistence in the establishment.
    2. Respect and properly use the facilities made available to you.
    3. Comply with the conditions of water use indicated by management, ensuring its use as rationally as possible.
  9. It is totally prohibited inside the Camping:
    1. Disturb the rest of other campers during hours of absolute silence (11pm – 8am).
    2. During 24 hours. of the day, any sound that may disturb any of the other campers will be moderated.
    3. Make a fire on the ground or in a place not authorized for it.
    4. Introduce people not authorized by the management into the Camping.
    5. e Hanging clothes in places not authorized for this purpose. Leave ropes or cords that other campers could trip over or could damage trees.
    6. Wash dishes, wash clothes and wash animals in the water fountains available at the campsite.
    7. Gray water and chemical toilet water will be discharged into the designated area.
  10. When registering at the Camping it will be understood that there is a commitment to accept the rules described above.
  11. The Management of Camping Pineta, S.L., reserves the right of admission and expulsion to clients who fail to comply with these rules.
  12. In the Reception of the campsite there is available to clients the Regulation that regulates the internal regime of the Campsites in Aragon.
  13. The regulations that govern COVID-19 at that time will have to be followed, and this may be grounds for expulsion for failing to comply with them.
  14. Clients with “Custody Regime” service will disconnect their plug from the connection house every time they finish their stay. The bathrooms open in low season will only be those in warehouse 2 (Near the pool), the other bathrooms are only open in high season.
  15. Failure to heed the instructions of the campsite staff or lack of respect for the campsite staff will be enough to assert our right of admission and may make the client vacate the campsite immediately.

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